Meet sweet OLIVIA

3 long years she's waited, the LAST of the Bacau group to travel.
Olivia is on our adoptable dogs page, and her fundraiser will be listed on our facebook page. Donations can also be made by clicking the button above.


Please email us for more info on becoming a foster

What has two big smiles, two wagging tails, and six legs?

It's HOPE and HERO, our pair of tripods in Egypt, who are waiting to fly to their forever.

An amazing disabled animal rescue and sanctuary in Ohio has opened it's doors to some of the special needs animals we've shared. 

Hope and Hero will be the next ones to go there, but are still in need of funds, please consider a donation to help these two. We will post their fundraiser on our facebook page.

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adoptable dogs page!



We are looking for  fosters! Canada, US, UK!