Consider becoming a flight volunteer

If you or someone you know is considering a trip to Thailand, India, Romania, Kosovo or Belize, and will be returning to Toronto, please contact us at: for information about becoming a flight volunteer. The cost for adding a dog to your ticket as "excess baggage" will be covered, a Laika Fund volunteer will meet you for airport check in, and you have only to collect the dog on landing at the "oversized baggage claim" area, and accompany him or her through customs. The small import fee will be reimbursed to you by the Laika Fund representative who meets your flight. Flight volunteers can significantly lower costs in getting a dog to Canada, and help unite a dog in need with a loving family.



The Laika Fund can only exist because of the kind support of people like you. Your donations provide medical care, transport, and shelter for our dogs, as well as helping our team to do home visits to potential fosters and adopters. No matter the amount, your donation along with others, will make a difference in the lives of dogs that would otherwise have little hope. Please consider becoming a regular supporter, or help with a one time donation. In addition to our general fund, we post a fundraiser to cover initial expenses for our dogs before they travel to Canada. You will find links to these on our "Home" page and "News and Updates".


Sharing The Laika Fund website, Facebook page, and Twitter page, will help spread the word about what we do. We need your help to build our organization into the efficient, able and sustainable operation that we envision helping dogs in need and those who care for them, in locations where there is otherwise little hope.


Having good, approved foster homes available is one of the most vital parts of any rescue. In addition to having a safe place as backup for our dogs, we need a foster ready if a dog arrives before his or her adoption is finalized.

It is important to realize that because we are a street dog rescue, some of our animals may take longer to adjust and may have unique issues which must be handled with knowledge and understanding. We provide as much background information as is possible to our fosters, and we remain available to them at all times for support. If you are interested in fostering for The Laika Fund, please email us at:  for more information and an application.

Ways You Can Help!